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Future possibilities

The following are ideas for upcoming opportunities in boardblog. Feel free to write if you want these or other options.

Information from housing association or administration

The main board and administration often need to distribute information, but residents must be expected to focus on their local branch. Therefore, it may be expedient if centrally published information can be merged into the feed seen for the local branch.


Possibility to limit search to individual areas - for example a branch.

Include reference to uploaded PDF documents if the content of the document matches search criteria.


Calendar with meetings, appointments and events. The calendar can be for the whole association or local for the department. Upcoming important events are highlighted on all relevant pages.

Support for board meetings

    • Notice of convening with various meeting times that board members can bid on.
    • Agenda in points.
    • Minutes of meeting that among other refers to each item on the agenda.
    • Minutes of meeting available on boardblog.

Automatic translation

The language versioning on these demonstration pages has been done manually, but it is possible to use services like ChatGPT to automatically translate pages into languages such as English, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, and Ukrainian.

IT Operations

Simply.com is a possible option and you get help with the installation. Simply.com has a lot of functionality for little money and has a GPPR data processor agreement. This boardblog demo is hosted by Simply.com

To host boardblog yourself, you need to set up an environment for a .NET 5 application that uses MSSQL.


Boardblog is based on Umbraco. Read more her:

Editing in Umbraco