Introduction to how to edit content with Umbraco

Posted by  Søren Dalby on April 01, 2022

Boardblog is based on Umbraco. Umbraco allows users to publish content on the Internet that can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

For example, a board member's activity in boardblog can consist of writing articles. An article consists of the following fields:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Date of release
  • Author
  • Article content

The article content can be:

  • An article text
  • A PDF document, Word document or similar that you want to share with the residents.
  • A reference to a website that you think residents should know about.

Article text is edited according to the same principles as in a mail or word processing program. It is possible to restore old versions and you can see who else has modified your article. If an article is deleted, it is saved in the Recycle Bin and can be recovered from here.

The text may contain images. For example, you can display photos that you have taken with your mobile phone. An article can also have a main banner used as the background for the title and subtitle.

It is possible to search for articles and other text in all supported languages. This makes it easier to find relevant content as the scope increases.

You can control when the article should be made available on the web and when it should be withdrawn. For example, if the article is about an event, it can be specified that the article should no longer be displayed when the event is over. An author can also work with an article and only publish it when the result is satisfactory.

Users may be restricted in their rights. Boardblog can be set up so that a local department board, for example, can only edit content for its own branch. Although many people can write articles, the right to publish on the website can be limited to a few people, who can, for example, ensure that the guidelines for GDPR are complied with or that outdated material is removed.

This image shows how to edit an article:

The above article is in English, but you can make a version of the article in other languages. The effect can be demonstrated by selecting the Danish flag for a Danish version of this page (which is also an article).

Here is an example of a boardblog structure. It can be adjusted if it does not meet your needs:

Once the structure is in place, a new branch can be created with a few clicks and specifying a name.

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You can learn more about Umbraco here:

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Umbraco is an internationally recognized Danish supplier, and at the time of writing over 400,000 websites based on Umbraco exists.